The total supply of Metano tokens is capped at 10 billion.

Public Sales
Allocated for Space Exploration Initiatives
Team & Marketing
Private Investors
As the Metano token reaches a valuation of
$0.35 USD per token
Our foundation commits to allocating
of the funds derived from our holdings towards advancing space exploration.

Of this, 20% is earmarked for SpaceX, intended to support their pivotal Mars missions, subject to their formal agreement. The remaining 10% is set aside for NASA and other esteemed space research organizations, whose names will be disclosed upon finalizing our contributions. To ensure the effectiveness of our investment, we will engage with expert legal and financial advisors. This approach aims to strategically channel our contributions, maximizing their impact on groundbreaking space exploration initiatives.

The specific allocation of these funds will be carefully planned and will also include:

Research and Development

Some funds will be allocated to research and development initiatives that align with our mission to advance space exploration technology and innovation.

Educational Programs

We may dedicate a portion of the funds to educational programs that promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, inspiring the next generation of space enthusiasts.

Space Missions and Projects

Investments may be made in specific space missions, projects, or technologies that align with our vision for the future of space exploration.

Transparency and Reporting

We are committed to transparency in our actions. Regular reports and updates will be provided to the Metano community and the public to ensure accountability and demonstrate the impact of the donated tokens.

Disclaimer: The Metano Foundation is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by NASA or SpaceX. All mentions of these organizations are for illustrative purposes regarding potential future investments and aspirations.